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Oh My Dog, LLC is a doggy daycare facility in Fairview Heights, Illinois.  We’re a collaborative effort designed to create a fun, safe and friendly environment for your beloved big buddies and your sweet petite babies.

Oh My Dog is a unique, full-service concept owned and operated by people who really love dogs. First and foremost, everyone's treasured pet is loved and cared for like they were one of our own. We additionally feature obedience-training classes by one of the area’s top trainers for those who might think their dog may need some behavioral changes.


Along with training, we have teamed up with a service that offers in-home pet sitting (including overnight in-home stays if desired), pooper-scooper waste removal and pet shuttle services. (And we haven’t forgotten our feline friends either! Coming soon….cat boarding for your treasured tabby!  Check back here for details coming in the near future).

Oh My Dog is a three-year project that was developed after bringing our own pets to various daycare facilities. Although our dogs loved going and we definitely saw a positive change in them, there were certain aspects to these places that didn't sit well with us.

First and foremost, we just didn't like our babies being caged and, as it turns out, they didn't like it much either! Another problem we noticed was that some of the places we patronized were just not very well kept and didn't allow us to tour their facility. Some also showed favoritism toward certain pets. Well, at Oh My Dog, all dogs are created equal!

When Oh My Dog was founded it was determined that we would only employ those who genuinely care for each and every one of the animals. We also decided there would be no cages or kennels involved. Oh My Dog is an open-concept daycare and boarding facility. No pet will ever be locked up. And for those who might be wary of the cleanliness and care of their pet, Oh My Dog will love to show you around! Moreover, you can rest easy as our live, online webcam offers the opportunity for total peace-of-mind. You can see and feel at ease that your loved one is being taken care of in the kind of environment they deserve.

Jeff Mendelowitz recommends Oh My Dog, LLC.

April 2 at 11:53 AM ·

The owner is awesome!! I highly recommend.


“Knowing the owner and the way she is with her dogs, I know your dog will be happy too."  ​

Vaughn Bonham: Fiona & Jacque's owner


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